Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Karin Mannerstål

My family tends to make fun of me. Yes, well, that's ok. You want to know why? I live about ten minutes from IKEA, I go there a LOT, and I can tell you where to find each item in a heartbeat. I am a walking IKEA catalog. I don't even know how this started. Maybe because my husband and I went there a lot during our time in LA. It was one of our places to stop by, get a bite and maybe something small to take home. Since we moved to Germany, money happened to be tight. Voila, IKEA was the answer. Nice things for little money.


Now that my girl is asleep I took some time to browse the internet and who do I come across at?

Karin Mannerstål.

I had never heard of her before. But she simply rocks. I took a look at her kids' stuff (a common thing to do every since I had my girl: kids stuff first) and fell in love (love her hair as much as her designs).

Go and check her out.

BTW, she happened to design a lot of your favourite IKEA items....

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