Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Vintage days.

When I was a little kid, I remember spending endless hours at my grandparents' house.
Now that I think about it, their house was just picture perfect. Imagine a place with three sets of staircases, tiny rooms filled with chests and boxes to explore, a food storage with a freezer filled with ice-cream, a backyard with trees carrying all fruits imaginable, swings, and a playhouse. Yes, that would be my grandparents' house. Not to forget my favorite apple pie my grandma used to make. Cold icing on top, freshly picked apples in the middle. Sigh.

On rainy days I would go through a small shelf that was packed with playing cards, books, etc. I can still remember the designs in some of them, because even back then I thought it looked "strangely old". Not too long ago, and just by accident, I found two German vintage books for children. One of them, I used to "read" over and over.

My heart skipped and I was almost in tears when I got them in the mail.

 ( I've always had a thing for that pink thermo in the second to last picture.)

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