Saturday, March 27, 2010

Birthday girl

Our little girl turned 2.
Two years.
I am not sure how to feel about that really. On the one hand I am thrilled to say that my daughter can already read some letters, go upstairs without holding onto the railing, draw, paint, put on her pants (even if backwards most of the time), put her cup in the sink once she is done, etc. You know, these things are amazing. She is only two and is her own self. I enjoy this little personality so much that it hurts.
But on the other hand my heart also hurts because time seems to fly.
On the day of her birthday I had to think about how my family and I rushed to the hospital two years before, how these easy contractions turned into small devils poking me, how the nurse suggested an epidural to finally get her out and me not wanting it, how the doc had to poke me twice in the back because my body was shaking too much due to exhaustion, how I pushed her out and this little bubble came out of her nose, and how the midwife told me to do all of this a bit faster next time. (I love Europe, I forgot how honesty rules this place. I am serious. This was funny). It all seemed like yesterday.
And now she is two. Sigh.

Here a few pics of that special day of hers.

Special breakfast for a special girl. My husband made these cute Japanese style bunny eggs. 

The birthday table. What I like about the table setting is that it shows how "international" it turned out.
Sofia received books, dolls, ceramic pigs and birds from Mexico. Her great-grandmother sent these.
My husband and I got her among other things books in English and Spanish. She got so much, I can't recall. Only child, ts, ts, ts.  (I am one, too. I am allowed to make such statements. :)  )

Food. We like it. The picture may state otherwise, but we for sure had plenty of it. I made her a chocolate cake from scratch and got her another from the store, made guacamole with chips, some tabouleh, put some fruits and veggies (I am always surprised how quickly the bell peppers and grapes go), some snacks and candy. Voila, food for friends and family.

 Close ups.

Happy birthday, little one. We love you.

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