Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Easiest pasta sauce.


It really is that easy. And cheap. And fast. And very tasty.
And this is how it goes: 

You take a bunch of carrots. 
 Peel them. 
Wash them. 
Chop them.
Set aside.

You take a bunch of tomatoes.
Wash them.
Quarter them.

You put the tomatoes in a pot. (Preferably with a bit of olive oil).
Turn on the stove and have them simmer.
Add the carrots.
I say about 10 min. later put the mixture in a blender 
or whatever you have to get this turned into this:


In the meantime start your pasta according to the package's direction.

Now, simply add spices, herbs, you name it!
Garlic, vegetable broth, salt, and some oregano are the ones that I usually choose.

Now add some Parmesan cheese and you are all set.


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