Friday, March 5, 2010

Giveaway Friday. *CLOSED*

I think it is time to let this week come to an end. It's Friday night over here in Germany and all I want to do now is to take a shower, make some hot Mexican chocolate, and watch something with my dear husband. The kid is already in bed, it started to snow and it is very quiet outside. This is nice. It feels good to end another crazy week like this.
But before I say goodbye to all of you out there, I want to invite you to enter a Giveaway. It is the first, so I decided to celebrate this a little by giving out TWO prints from my shop.
All you would have to do is leave a comment which print you would like to have. That's it. Just a comment and I will announce the two winners Monday night (German time).

Good luck!


  1. well, I came across your shop on Etsy and am looking for your giveaway and I am sad that I don't see anything :( I really like your prints. They are so happy and colorful.


  2. there is another giveaway which will end today. You can find it on


  3. I would love the chandelier print. It's gorgeous! :-)


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