Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Let's be practical.

Ok, now that the days are getting longer, I am thinking outdoors. But spending time outside of the house does indeed take some time in terms of getting all the stuff together once you have a family. Back in the day it went something like this:

1. Get your hair done, check the make up.
2. Grab your purse (make sure you got the wallet, camera, and the cellphone)
3. Put on some shoes and grab your keys.
4. Go.

Now with a family in tow, this whole scenario has changed. Completely. You need to think for three (at least. Always keep in mind that both you and your husband have both keys...in the bag, not inside of the door).

Now the routine goes something like this:

1. Check daughter's diaper.
2. Last minute snack/ zip from the water cup.
3. Pack snacks for kid.
4. Grab random toys and stash them in your bag (preferably sth. she plays a lot with, easy to carry, and not too loud).
5. Put on her shoes and jacket.
6. Make sure the wallet is in the bag (with ALL of its content, incl. the usual plastic. Our daughter tends to play with all kinds of cards in it so that they eventually can be found underneath drawers, fridges, etc.)
7. Enough diapers, wipes?
8. Keys?
9. Hair? Nah, it's combed. Makeup? Those tiny strokes of mascara? Guess it's still on. Teeth? Anything stuck there? No? Check.
10. Ready.

But why not making this whole ordeal a little bit more fun, at least on the eyes?

Here a quick list for all the stashing and hiding of things that come along with a child:

 (Ok, this one may not be suitable for carrying things around, but would work as great storage in the car.)

Let the sunshine in!

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