Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Deep appreciation for The Black Apple.

I know, we all know her.
We admire her art, her style, her home, her cat.
But I still would like to introduce her to you (again).

Emily Martin, and her blog, is especially known to all etsy lovers for her unique painting style. Trust me, it's beautiful. I got two prints not too long ago, and the longer you look at them, the more details you can find in each stroke she painted.

These ones I got:

But she also doesn't shy away from sewing her sketched characters. These dolls sell out in a heartbeat.

Besides the occasional jewelry (necklaces, pins, etc.), she also creates very charming notebooks.

One of her newest creations is this amazing book. (I secretly hope my husband will read this post and remember it for Christmas.....).

Promise me to go and check out her blog, her shop, and her fashiony blog on the side bar. You will not be bored today!

Ok, need to put the crazy one to bed. It's getting late over here and I still need to finish a few orders for shipping.

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