Tuesday, July 20, 2010

IKEA felt food for playkitchens.

A couple of days ago, my mom and I went for a little shopping spree to IKEA. Even though we came just to buy one single item (a new lamp for my parents' bedroom), it so happened that we walked through the kids' department. Right.... I know. OF COURSE, we had to look at things. And trust me, I go there very often (we live about 5 min. from IKEA) and really didn't think anything would strike me.


I saw this:

IKEA felt food for playkitchens.
Heartbeat raised.
A few nano seconds later my mom ran up to me holding up various sets of play food including veggies, fruits, and sweets. So cute. So, so my thing, and not that it really is something that I would play with, but how can someone not like this? We bought one set for the time being for my daughter and she enjoys it a lot. It comes with a little felt knife (not in the picture. It already got lost somewhere in the car.), which makes the cutting experience more "real". Better that than her obsession with dull knives. Phew!

I guess it was about time for the IKEA brains to come up with felt food. First, they already have a new playkitchen in store, and second, it really is all the rage on etsy and dawanda at the moment.
(I do hope that we will still buy more handmade items on the mentioned sites though).

So, today I looked at ohdeedoh and found this:
Well, can you spot the differences? It looks a lot nicer here than in reality. The pancakes have nice stitching, ours don't. But then again, does it really matter? The food is sturdy, it's fun, and it fulfills its purpose.

(And the prices on ohdeedoh are different too. Here in Germany, the sets costs between 8 and 10 Euros. Sigh. Not fair, really. But you have that will all of their products. It's a taxation thing.)

Anyway, I keep talking about the other sets. Here a peek:

Sofia already has plenty of wooden veggies and fruits. But no sweets. Christmas shall be the day.

EDIT:  A lovely reader from the UK replied to my comment on ohdeedoh and said that the felt foods in their IKEA store look just like the catalog ones. Hm, maybe I just grabbed a bad batch, or like she suggested Germany has issues with the supplier.

OK, back to the evening shift including getting Sofia's teeth brushed, changed into her pj's, and eventually put to bed.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!  

P.S: Another giveaway will come up soon. So watch this place!


  1. heya Conny, this is Sunsoaked from AT again. :)
    i have raised the issue with my line manager at Ikea, you see I work on the Childrens Department! We have sent out images of the real products and what is hosted on the website. hopefully the issue will be sorted soon! i shall keep you posted. and thanks for raising the issue :)

  2. Wow! I really appreciate your effort in this. I am curious to see how it turns out. Thanks A LOT!


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