Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New addiction: Japanese Washi Tape.

Ok, I am honest. I do have a thing for decoration and anything that looks well put together. I just can't get enough of color, color palettes, and, well, cuteness.
Not too long ago, I stumbled across masking tape, aka. as Japanese Washi Tape. Oh, heart attack.
But my next thought was: what is it that you actually do with them besides taping, ehm, things together?

Let me show you.

You can decorate tags with them. Don't they look stunning? Love the color palettes on these ones a lot.

Or, you can go a complete different direction and move into a more "home decor" one.
How creative is this idea?

And just like Elizabeht Goodmann states it on her blog To Be Charmed, the "applications for this tape are endless". She has a beautiful DIY on her blog on how to change a simple looking vase into a new item for your living room. I am sure this would add to your interior design skills in a second.


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