Thursday, July 15, 2010

Today feels like Hawaii.

This morning felt good. There were thick gray clouds in the sky. Wind in the trees. Sunny and warm.
It reminded me a lot of my stay in Oahu, Hawaii. One of our very last trips as a couple before our little girl was born (well, I was pregnant at that time, but she wasn't really there, there).

A deep feeling of melancholy overcame me and I had to think about how we paid for the tickets to Hawaii. How we boarded in LA and landed a couple of hours later. How we took the first picture at the airport and how I called my parents to let them know that we both were save and sound.
Being European, Hawaii seems like a far, far paradise. A place that only exists on postcards. Standing there surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers made it oh so surreal.

Here a bunch of pictures. Most of them speak for themselves. So, enjoy!

One day, we decided to go kayaking. Let me give you a word of advice on that one:
Remove your make up beforehand ! It does get windy (very windy), the waves can be quite interesting! Try not to be pregnant, unless you are one of the lucky once that don't throw up 24/7!
Catch a not so rainy day (but the clouds were breathtaking). Don't laugh too hard, makes kayaking harder!

(Drinking the most delicious, freshest coconut water ever! On the side of the road, please!)

OK, another thing you got to do while visiting Oahu (well, that you should do probably anywhere), is to leave the touristy stuff behind. It was lovely to see the "typical" Hawaii with its luaus, lies, etc. along the beach, but in all honesty, this really is just for keeping up the spirit of tourists.
Rent a car, drive around, and explore. You will see beaches, people, coconut stands, avocado trees, surfers, and a landscape you will not catch in a fancy hotel.

Chinatown is a must-see place though. You get to eat a places where you need to point at pictures to order your food. Trust me, this is fun. I still am not sure what I had. English? No! Chinese? No!
This is what I call vacation!

Oh, Hawaii, we miss thee! Not so much your burgers though....

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