Monday, August 2, 2010

My Anthropologie wishlist for Sofia.

Hmm, so my last post about Inspiration Friday doesn't show any text, because it just wouldn't let me.
I hope you are ok with just the pics and the sources for each.

Today has once again been a strange day. Sofia is going through another stage in her early years of development which involves a lot of whining over everything, crying, being extremely goofy and totally ignorant towards me. When she is like that it really doesn't matter what you offer her, it's always wrong. Halfway throughout the day I long for her sleepy time, but the moment she is asleep, I feel...sad. Sad maybe because I can't always be the strong one. I can't always be nice and understanding, I see through her where my limits are and it bugs me that I am not stronger. I can't be strict with her, but I also can't be too soft. I look at other parents and ask myself where and when they started being so constant in their lives. I know what I want from her, I know where I would like to see her in the future (I am not talking about certain positions in life, rather about a certain behavior and appreciation for life and nature).

On the positive side we both can still laugh, giggle, look at the same fly flying through the kitchen over and over. Life is good. Love is good. It always wins in the end.

Here my personal faves from Anthropolgie. A store that got my complete attention the very first time I entered it in Salt Lake City.

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