Sunday, October 10, 2010

10.10.2010 and my 100th post! GIVEAWAY, yeah! *CLOSED*

Happy 100th post, dear blog!

A few days ago I noticed that I would reach my 100th blog post. 100! Wow, that went fast.
I have a lot of fun with this blog as it, in all honesty, keeps my sane. I love my busy life as a mom, wife, organizer, and planner, but it comes to moments where everything seems a bit too overwhelming. This blog keeps the balance very nicely. I get to research things I like. I get to know people from all around the world, which is amazingly fascinating to me.

So, a few posts back I showed you some of the fabric I purchased and promised a little giveaway.
Well, looking at today's date and celebrating the 100th post, I think it's the perfect moment to share this with all of you.

Do you like fabric? And buttons? Tiny ones, too?

Go ahead and leave me a comment about what you like doing most lately and win these three cute little buttons. What are you passionate about? A hobby, a recipe, a movie, anything. You can also send me an email (just check the "about me" section).
I will close the giveaway this coming Wednesday. Good luck!

I wish all of you a lovely Sunday and a great start into a new week!

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  1. good afternoon Conny!Well I am, as you akready know, a blogger as well!And I love blogging!But my biggest passion, that I'm dreaming and wanting to make a full time job is planning parties, especially for kids, and weddings!And I adore cooking cupcakes and cakes, and why not?, I could make both of my passions a job one day!:)


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