Wednesday, December 1, 2010

DIY: 10-minute advent calendar. And a freebie.

Oh, the Christmas season has officially started and I want to share a last-minute DIY with you.

My 10-minute advent calendar. *Really, it only takes that long*

All you need is:

:: an empty clean jar
:: a cute ribbon (washi tape, or whatever you fancy)
:: some paper cut into 24 strips
:: and a pen

1. Decorate the jar to your liking. Really, anything that comes to mind. If it's handmade, it will always turn out the best.
2. Cut out 24 small strips.
3. Now take the 24 tiny "cards" and switch on the imagination button. 
    I wrote down 24 activities for the family. You could also write down a few personal notes to someone 
    special. Certificates, drawings, crafts, everything is allowed.

See, it really does not take that much time and if you are a busy bee, but still like something handmade this calendar is a go.

I also prepared a "pre-made" one where you only have to print the strips and fill them with your own words. Just cut them out, write something down and fold them. 

Have a lovely 1st December!


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