Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sofia's birthday Part 2 - Food, food, food and Shaun the Sheep.

Sofia really likes Shaun the Sheep, so we came up with a party for her that was loosely based on this little quirky guy.

We had to split the party due to space limitations. On her actual birthday we had friends and family over, and a week later she had her party with her little friends - all age 3. 
Let me tell you one thing, this is fun. A lot of fun. 

I decided it would be fun to get the party started with a small activity. 
I cut out Shaun, put him along with an empty toilet paper roll and some cotton balls on a paper plate. 
What all the kids had to do really was to glue it all together with some cotton here and there to get the sheep's fur.
As usual, it was the moms finishing the project. And you know, that's fine. The kids "warmed up" and ended up playing, surprisingly peacefully, in Sofia's room. And us grown ups? We ate, of course.

And here the food.


The crowning moment was the Shaun the Sheep cake. My husband actually made him by hand!

The big moment.

The party favors!

My baby three years ago...

Love, love.


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