Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday dreaming.

picture via maedchenmitherz via wehearit

This Monday was so cliche it almost hurt. I woke up grumpy due to my daughter sneaking into our bed last night and waking me up several times. I usually get over my grumpiness pretty fast once I get into the daily morning routine of starting a wash load, preparing breakfast for my daughter and lunch for my husband. But when I opened up all the windows to let the fresh morning air enter the rooms of our place I realized that the plant I am taking care of for a friend of mine (it's a belated birthday gift) seems to slowly die. My husband left late for work and Sofia decided it was time to color her Rody with wax crayons. Her and I are really good buddies to such a point that we both even share our moods. She just so happened to be cranky to the max which lead to her behavior of, well, misbehaving. Anything was frustrating, not the right thing, or plain out boring to her. Sigh.

We later went to the store, she dropped a pudding all over the floor. I needed just one more cent to pay the exact amount but didn't have it and had to brake a 20 Euro bill. I hate that. That way money goes quicker than usual. Oh, later that day all my money fell out of my wallet. Everybody around me helped. Sigh.
At home I was confronted with a used diaper but no child wearing it. Burnt pasta (!). A booger on the table. No mid-afternoon nap. Double-sigh.

You know, all of this I can take with a smile, but not when the day started with little sleep. It drags me. And I can't seem to get over it.
Luckily Sofia dragged me to the playground and my mood lightened up. On the way home we walked by a travel agency and all I could think of was grabbing one of these beautiful swim suits and take my family to the beach. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

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  1. oh I'm so sorry for your lack of sleep!!
    I understand how it can ruin a whole day!

    those swimsuit are simply gorgeous!I can easily imagine myself in them!


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