Monday, July 12, 2010

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate bag.

This morning I got a lovely little package from BayanHippo's Shop in the mail. It was my belated birthday present and got super excited when I finally got to hold my chocolate colored everyday purse in my hands! You know, I've been wanting to have one of her bags for so long!
When my fam told me I could choose one as a gift, it took me hours (!) to find one, because there are too many beauties in her shop!
In the end I chose one that would suit my needs best: a. it had to be large enough for my and Sofia's things, 2. i wanted it to be stylish despite the needs, and 3. it had to be a color that doesn't mind all the visits to the playgrounds, parks, shopping places, etc.

This one was the winner and it's fabulous! So much room for everything!

Hope you all have a wonderful start into a new week!

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