Thursday, November 4, 2010

Guest blogger: Almalu's Place. Mini Bunting Cakes.

Hi everybody!This is Alessandra from Almalu's Place. I am a blogger and wedding and party planner with a great passion for baking.
It is a great pleasure for me today guest posting here at Conny's!I love her blog and style and I happy she invited me to write something for her blog. We've been knowing each other only through the web but I am sure she's a lovely mom and such a creative talent.
What I would love to share with you today is my latest love and passion: mini bunting cakes. They're such a must have lately and I think they're truly adorable and easy to DIY. Indeed I actually made one for my parent's anniversary and they loved it!
It would be a lovely idea for Christmas....
... or a wedding...
... a bridal shower...
or a birthday!
Love this one with the birthday girl name on!

Thanks, Alessandra for this beautiful post. It's truly inspirational. Mini bunting is such a trendy thing to do, and I totally love it!

Before I sign off for the day and take care of a runny nose, I would like you to check out Alessandra's blog. She finds the greatest ideas for weddings and parties in general. You can tell this girl has a true passion for everything festive.

Love to all of you,



  1. thank you!!it's such a pleasure being here!

  2. What a lovely and inspiring post. Ale is a great lady, very talented and soooo sweet! Hi Conny, very nice to meet you! Hugs, Marianna:*

  3. I know, I am lucky to have her around! Nice to meet you, too! :)


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