Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Still alive.

Oh, my dear readers!
It's been a while. How I have missed my blog and you! Sorry about the silence from my part, but we were super duper sick the past two weeks. I am talking stay-in-bed-for-days-with-an-aching-body-and-fever sick. It was miserable, but all things pass and so did this and I am back!

I did have the chance though to finally finish my very first sewn blanket for Sofia. Yes, I know. That has also taken way too long, but I am happy that I got it done. I now know what to avoid, what to do better. It was great fun (but I do admit there have been moments of pure frustration. Luckily, I have a friend who sews like a crazy woman so she helped whenever help was needed!)

Here it is (ok, let's not look at it in detail. And - not so much at all the wrinkles).

Hope life is treating you well!


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